Gina Hopman - artist
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Personal Statement

My sculptures have been executed in a variety of media, but I always come back to carving. Perhaps this is because sculptures made from wood and stone have a more lasting quality. They are also very tactile; it is a attractive to touch and feel them. To me, wood feels warm and tough; stone feels cool and less impulsive than wood. It gives more resistance and needs more planning. Even though I like to work in a variety of materials, these two remain my favourites.

The contemplative aspects of carving by hand appeals to me. That is one of the sources of the atmosphere of harmony and reflection present in some of my sculpture. To enhance the reflective aspect I use texts in some of my recent works. This is an element I am exploring at the moment.

When I start working on a piece, I usually begin with a vague concept. During the process of carving it becomes more clearly defined, but sometimes my first idea changes totally. Drawing and sketching plays an important part in developing my ideas about scuplture.

My sculptures are usually of a simple shape, so that the materials they are made of can be appreciated as well. Another reason is that I try to concentrate on the essential elements of a sculpture, limiting the amount of embelishment.

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